Makeup Tips – How to Look Like Celebrity Artist Rihanna

Celebrity artist Rihanna is our ‘celebrity look of the week’ born and raised in Barbados, signed with Def Jam recording label, Rihanna is also known as the trendsetter, also known to be experimenting with her makeup looks, Rihanna is also known to be wearing a warm foundation with a natural blusher and Blue and Pink combination beautiful and cute 3d real mink blink

This is a simple step by step guide on how to achieve her 2011 fierce and chic look at home.

beautiful and cute 3d real mink blink
beautiful and cute 3d real mink blink

Lrsmn Firstly you must prepare your face by the special 3’s, cleanse, tone and moisturise.
Then apply your natural foundation liquid or cream (depending on your skin type) then apply with your foundation brush.

To achieve this fierce eye makeup look, using a dark blue and black eye liner to emphasize your eyes, start by applying in the inner socket of the eyelid and gradually apply it to the rest of the eye lid by using a blue eyeliner on top of your eye lids and underneath in a cat eye style, then mix with your black eye liner to use on the outskirts of the original line.

Finish off by using a good finishing powder to set the foundation, and then apply a natural colour blusher to enhance the cheek area to contour the cheekbone.

To emphasize the eyes to make your beautiful and cute 3d real mink blink look naturally long, you can use individual eyelashes, which you can achieve more of a natural look, or if you have naturally long lengthy beautiful and cute 3d real mink blink of your own then you can achieve this look, by using a Black volumising eye mascara by applying two to three coats to give it that luscious but fierce look.

To apply a perfect flawless finish on the lips, make sure your lips are free from skin peel and grease, to achieve this, gently exfoliate your lips with a small baby toothbrush then apply olive oil to soften the skin or you can use the good old carmex lip balm that every celebrity swears by and the one item you find in everybody’s handbag.

As for the lips, to achieve this flawless finish, neatly apply the vibrant pink lipstick with a lip brush to define the lips, then Blot, blot, blot. Apply translucent powder and apply another layer of lipstick. This will ensure your bold lipstick has staying power, use a cotton bud to neaten the corners of your lips or use your foundation brush to fill in any smudges.

beautiful and cute 3d real mink blink
beautiful and cute 3d real mink blink

You have successfully achieved Your Rihanna Fierce Celebrity makeup look.

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