Spoof Costume Ideas for Twilight Characters

Whenever a movie becomes extremely popular with audiences, there is likely to be a spoof of it waiting just beneath the horizon. One particular movie was released this summer called “Vampires Suck” which is a spoof of the popular-with-teens movie called Twilight. As is often the case, Halloween is commonly packed with classical characters, but when movies gain popularity to hit the mainstream, you’ll inevitably find characters from those movies showing up at Halloween parties or up and down the street collecting candy. Why not go for the funnier side this holiday by dressing up as a Twilight character? It doesn’t take much effort and could be entertaining to you and your Clear Band 3D mink eyelash .

Clear Band 3D mink eyelash
Clear Band 3D mink eyelash

Spooky Spoofs

Lrsmn The Twilight characters are practically begging to be spoofed. Take the Cullen family for instance. There are a variety of things you can do with these characters. Recall the original history of vampires: their deathly pale, they sleep in coffins during the day, their skin becomes burned should it get exposed by sunlight, and they sneak up on their victims and drink their Clear Band 3D mink eyelash .

Makeup and Costume Ideas for the Guys

Guys, you will want to go the extreme here to convey the most considerable contrast. Instead of putting on a little bit of white powder, pick the classical look and apply a lot of it to appear deathly white. Don’t forget to make your lips blood red and applying dark circles about the eyes to give them that sunken look. You may recall from the movie that the Cullen’s have red eyes. To achieve that affect, think about using colored contact lenses. Or if you’re really feeling adventurous, find the kind of contact lenses that have unique designs on them. Play it up and have a good time. Your friends certainly will.

Now for the hair. The primary character, Edward, has an overstated look that won’t take a lot of effort to copy. So break out the hair gel and shape your hair so that it’s standing to attention – and it’s likely to get a lot of attention the more extreme you work it. If you are not into using gel, then consider getting an Elvis Clear Band 3D mink eyelash .

Now for you Jacob fans out there, you know that when he comes of age, he is able to change his shape into a wolf. Make that your angle. Using over-the-counter makeup products available at your local drug store or Halloween specialty shop, make your face up like a werewolf. Avoid going the full mask route; it’s not likely to achieve the same affect. Plus, you can be more creative using this subtle approach not to mention you’re likely to be a little easier.

Time for you Gals now

Go a little wild this season by donning wigs. Makes no difference if it’s straight or spikey. Just be creative and get individuals to notice you. Think Elvira or Cyndi Lauper as something to refer to. Apply red makeup all around the eye area to give yourself that “I’ve been awake for hundreds of years” look. Also take into consideration putting on fake Clear Band 3D mink eyelash , particularly ones that are specially made at Halloween time.

The Bella character is undeniably going to get a lot of spoofing this season. Go the extreme by adding more makeup than usual. Be creative and do not forget to use her mannerisms of constantly pushing her hair over her ear. She does not really lend herself to an thrilling wardrobe, so kick it up a notch by deciding upon biker clothes with spiked heels. Or go the other end of the spectrum and make her more country by dressing her up in a plaid shirt, some skimpy shorts and of course a cowboy hat

Clear Band 3D mink eyelash
Clear Band 3D mink eyelash

Get together with your friends to each dress up as a character. Everybody loves group themes for Halloween. Coming to the party as the Cullen family ought to generate a lot of laughs and get you a lot of Clear Band 3D mink eyelash 


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