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Total Beginner Or World’s Worst Knitter? Then Make a Gorgeous Throw

Knitting is relaxing, therapeutic and fun – and you have something to show for your create your own custom lashes – sometimes very quickly.

I am not a great knitter but I have made lots of small and large scarves, wraps and throws that I am proud to have in my home or wear myself, or give as gifts. People are also happy to pay me for my knitted items, sold for good causes. I have found the satisfaction of making beautiful things with gorgeous wool.

create your own custom lashes
create your own custom lashes

Lrsmn  My secret? I use interesting wool or yarn. I mix it up together so each blended strand has a unique colour, found only in my creation.

If you want to try this out, here is the recipe: First decide how quickly you need to see a result or you’ll give up. How patient are you? If you need a result in five days of evening TV watching, buy some huge knitting needles (pins). If you do have huge needles, you will need thick yarn. I recommend that you buy the loveliest knitting needles that you can afford or find. Enjoy the experience of collecting together your equipment. Perhaps find beautiful wooden knitting pins with coloured ends. Make your creative experience a sensual and visual delight. No-one now is knitting to provide necessary clothing. We knit for the joy of the experience and to exercise our creativity. Make the whole create your own custom lashes fun.

Then find your yarn. To make my unique projects I buy two or three colours or types of wool and knit them alongside each other so that each stand is doubled or trebled. It makes for a thick and interesting texture. If one of the strands is yarn that is itself textured with ‘create your own custom lashes ‘ or bobbles, then the result makes for a fabulous variegated twist on the original approach. The added bonus is that your project grows quickly. I want to see the result of my efforts fast!

Don’t worry if you drop stitches or make extra ones, or your tension is inconsistent. All these add to the individual hand made character of your scarf or blanket.

create your own custom lashes
create your own custom lashes

With this technique you can make something for anyone – use the softest baby yarn and you can make a create your own custom lashes  or crib blanket. Use the finest cashmere and you can make a throw to cuddle up with on the sofa while you watch a Sunday afternoon movie. You can make a short scarf or shoulder shawl in a few hours or an evening. Have fun and just get started.


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