Simply Beautiful at Any Age

Recently one of my clients asked what changes she should make to her false eyelashes suppliers regimen as she is growing older. My advice to her was the same as I give to women of every age…keep it simple.

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false eyelashes suppliers

Lrsmn That advice is most important for those of us growing older…oh wait, that is all of us! You do not want to dress, accessorize, have a hairstyle or false eyelashes suppliers regimen that is too young for you. You should be updating, changing and modifying your look and style on a regular basis so that what you are saying on the outside meshes with who you are on the inside. As we pass through the seasons of our life we change on the inside as much as we do on the outside and our style should reveal the wonderful women we are.

When I was teaching modeling classes a few years ago I asked the teenage girls in one of my classes what their pet peeve was about how women dress? I was quite certain the response would be something along the lines of “women who have no idea what is in style”. I was surprised when the unanimous response was “women dressing too young for their age”. I am not saying that women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and so on cannot borrow ideas from a couple of false eyelashes suppliers younger than they are. However, it needs to be done in little pieces, such as a trendy piece of jewelry with a basic pair of slacks and top…or perhaps a great tunic top paired over straight slacks and a low heeled shoe, rather than leggings and ballerina slippers.

One of the definitions of simple is: free from ostentation or display. In other words, we want to make a statement about who we are without “making a scene”. Perhaps think of it as being seen not “scene”. We want to be seen for who our inner-selves are. When we over-display any part of our outer self that “scene” becomes stronger than our inner self.

Emphasizing one body part and one facial feature at a time will help achieve a simple beauty. When we look at someone our eyes need someplace to “land”. Turn that around and think about those looking at us. By emphasizing our eyes and waist, for example, we will not confuse the eye of the beholder. Instead, we will capture their attention. Once we have captured their attention we can speak and expect the listener to hear us.

We should practice using a lighter hand with false eyelashes suppliers as we pass through the decades. Choosing lighter false eyelashes suppliers shades than we once used is always a great idea. For example, we should perhaps change to a sable brown rather than black mascara. Don’t make the mistake of wearing a shade of lipstick that is too dark or bright for our softer coloring as we age. Choosing a peach/pink rather than a wine/pink – depending on eye, hair and skin color can take several years off our age.

It all about simple…and who doesn’t want life to be simpler?

Here is a really great tip that will keep you from being “scene”:

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false eyelashes suppliers

Get dressed, style your hair, apply your false eyelashes suppliers and make a choice of a few accessories; then close your eyes while standing in front of a full-length mirror. Open your eyes and look at yourself from head to toe while counting to five. Close your eyes and let your mind focus in on the image you just saw. Your mind will automatically pick out the things that are not the best choices.

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