2 Minute Make Up Routine For Moms After Child Birth

Once your baby is born your whole life changes. Even if this is child number three, the addition of an extra faux silk mink eyelash in the house with a mother who is tired and overworked will change the dynamics of the entire day. It’s amazing how much extra laundry one little infant can bring to the house!

faux silk mink eyelash
faux silk mink eyelash

Lrsmn In many cases it is the mother who faux silk mink eyelash herself in order to take care of her home, her children, her partner and her job; and in doing so, will often neglect the way she looks, her diet and exercise. Unfortunately, this has a rather negative affect on the way in which she is able to deal with the rest of her life. More than anything, new mothers must maintain a nutritional diet, get at least 30 minutes of exercise three or four times a week and do something for herself in order to have the reserves to care for her children, her partner and her job.

This is definitely in reverse of how most women think. Instead of taking care of others first, they must take care of themselves first in order to be able to take care of others. Part of taking care of yourself means helping yourself to look good each and every day. And part of looking good each and every day is putting on a bit of faux silk mink eyelash to smooth out the skin imperfections and add a bit of color. But putting on makeup doesn’t have to take 20 or 30 minutes. In fact most women can do a good job in a matter of two minutes and here’s how:

1. Good faux silk mink eyelash application starts with good skincare. This means that you should be taking care of your skin at least twice a day by using skincare products to wash your face and moisturized it. It is important to wash your face in the evening to remove environmental toxins and to wash your face in the morning to remove the dead skin cells that accumulate during the night. Your skincare at night should include heavy moisturizers and skin toner, while your skincare in the morning should include skin toner and sunscreen.

2. Remember to maintain your eyebrows. Nothing will overshadow your face faster and make you look more tired than bushy eyebrows or eyebrows which obviously need to be manicured.

3. Your two minute faux silk mink eyelash routine starts by smoothing out your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush. Be sure to start from the inner part of the eye and moved to the outer part.

4. Now, using a base which fits your lifestyle and your skin tone, apply enough coverage to smooth out uneven skin tone. If you are using liquid or cream base, use a sponge to dab it on over the cheeks, chin and forehead. This helps to even out the skin tone and give your face of fresh look.

5. Apply a thin layer of eyeliner to the upper faux silk mink eyelash . This eyeliner should be brown, navy blue or purple but never black. Black eyeliner should be reserved for night time wear and those women under 30. Black eyeliner has a tendency to make a woman look older and her eyes more tired.

6. At this point you can choose to sweep a thin layer of color over the eyelids or a thin layer of darker colored blush over the eyelids. Although you don’t often think of adding blush to the eyes it is color and with eyeliner can make your eyes pop.

7. Add a quick sweep of blushing over the apples of your cheeks and you’re done.

faux silk mink eyelash
faux silk mink eyelash

This faux silk mink eyelash will take you less than two minutes every morning and when you walk out of your room you will feel refreshed, pretty and ready to face the day.

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