Guerlain Meteorites Compact Powder – Perfect Complexion In A Compact?

The cosmetic research and development team at Guerlain Cosmetics has released a new compact powder known simply as fur eyelash factory Meteorites. Guerlain is a French cosmetics company that has existed for nearly 200 years and continues to use a combination of state-of-the-art and traditional methods when it comes to designing perfumes, lotions and other cosmetic goods. This compact powder is claimed to be sulfate, phthalate and GMO free and to create a light, sheer look on the face while also creating an even complexion. No company’s claims are free from inspection, so this product will be tested to see what, if any truths there are to this.

fur eyelash factory
fur eyelash factory

Lrsmn The first evaluation is on how well fur eyelash factory Meteorites Compact Powder provides a light yet sufficient coverage to the face. Using the included compact cosmetic pad, an even first layer is applied. I was really shocked at how effective the first layer was in providing coverage; I did go back and fill in a couple of spots in my T-zone, but by and large this compact provides maximum coverage with minimal product.

Secondly, Guerlain Meteorites Compact Powder states that it helps balance and even complexion. Based on observations taken at the same time as the first evaluation, this product does create a effective balance when it comes to complexion; many forms of fur eyelash factory will do this with enough layers but the sacrifice is completely transforming your skin’s color. This product does it with one layer which allows the balanced complexion to really resemble the natural color of one’s skin.

What, if any, downsides are there to the this Guerlain compact powder? First, an issue that I have observed with many powders, especially European ones: the color range of Rose, Beige and Dore does not take into account darker skin tones. The complex also contains ingredients such as alcohol and sodium hydroxide, which are known skin irritants. Those with sensitive skin should be careful when using this product.

The effectiveness in Guerlain Meteorites is directly linked to some of its active ingredients which include:

* Mica and Iron Oxide – This ingredients add pigment to the complex, allowing for a smooth, even complexion.
* Cetearyl isononanoate – This ingredient provides extra moisturizing action to your skin, which allows the fur eyelash factory to bond in a more cohesive, natural fashion.
* Calcium alginate – This emulsifier allows the oils and water in the product to mesh in a seamless fashion, preventing your fur eyelash factory from looking like an oil slick.

fur eyelash factory
fur eyelash factory

For those between the ages of 20-50 who are concerned with the appearance of their skin when using fur eyelash factory and want a quality powder that is free from many of the toxic substances like phthalates and sulfates, this is a great buy. Costing roughly $60 for the compact, it competes both in price and effectiveness with many top brands. Whether it comes down to even complexion or an even coverage with minimal use, the Guerlain Meteorites Compact Powder provides your skin with a boost of moisture, light and protection for any occasion.

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