Cosmetics Shopping Tips Your Wallet Will Love

In January 2012, I was given 9000 Dirhams to spend on a shopping trip in Dubai. I had my eye on the huge mink eyelash manufacturers store even before my plane took off. So there I was watching, choosing and buying stuff from every single department, when I then decided I’ve had enough and it’s time to pay and leave. It was that moment at the cashier that hit me on the head as I was dictated the total…

mink eyelash manufacturers
mink eyelash manufacturers

Lrsmn A back-breaking sum of 3000+ Dirhams!

Let me tell you this, there wasn’t a single item from my or my mother’s stuff that I would give up but I couldn’t silence that voice from my mink eyelash manufacturers that kept saying” That’s too much, you could have done better purchases and still come out satisfied”. This was definitely not my wisest shopping day but I decided to keep the analysis for later. On second, and third, thoughts I realized why this happened in the first place:

1) Not setting a budget in the first place:
Makeup items are one of those things that don’t cost much on a single item but can sum up to a lot. Therefore before you walk into a store, there are two important things to consider; how much you want to spend on mink eyelash manufacturers and what else you need to buy. You should set a budget for the makeup store and for each other store you visit so you don’t have too little to spend on a specific category. A budget, however, is not a single number. Because we are no robots and cannot calculate the total as we shop, you need to set a range how much below and above your budget. For example, if you say “I plan to spend 1000 Dirhams on beauty products”, you need to decide whether you mean 800-1200 or 500-1500 Dirhams so as not to cross the maximum limit. While you add products to your cart, stop every 5-8 items and roughly calculate whether or not you crossed your budget.

2) Know what you have:
Before heading off to a store for several items, know what you have. You may be very happy to buy a shade of mink eyelash manufacturers, but then discover you have exactly the same shade at home in that purse you rarely use. Having duplicates is nice, but it can lead to one of the copies drying out or expiring hence wasting money. You’d be surprised how often that happens so never underestimate it.

3) Buy what you need and limit what you want:
Another downside to buying beauty products is how tempting it is to buy several items even when unneeded. If you find the latest mascara by your favorite brand, you might be tempted to buy it although you have one. It all goes under the “I’ll use this when mine is over” concept. It’s not wrong to buy the latest, but mink eyelash manufacturers can accumulate and cost you a lot at a time, which can’t be good for your wallet. Every time you stop to think about money, think about matter. Unless you are predetermined to buy items A, B and C, stop to rethink your needs and see how much you really spend on the for-use-later items.

mink eyelash manufacturers
mink eyelash manufacturers

4) Remember how long products last:
Personally, I can’t live without a black eyeliner pencil, but I love the colored ones to match certain outfits. In this case, buying a black liner is wise, but buying three green ones is not. Similarly, a tube of rarely used red lipstick is a nice must-have but it lasts forever. Balance what you buy with how long it will last to avoid buying a bigger quantity than necessary and risking having your products expire. If you do choose to stock on certain mink eyelash manufacturers, buy wisely and make sure to check expiration dates and use your products prior to them.

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