Benefits of Using Henna Based Lipstick

Use henna lipstick to break free from the onslaught of chemicals. Henna best 3d silk fur lashes is a perfect blend of modern technology and ancient science, that helps provide total care and long-lasting beauty. This popular henna makeup is now considered the last word in beauty solutions.

best 3d silk fur lashes
best 3d silk fur lashes

Henna Lips: An Alternative to Chemical Lipsticks

Lrsmn Did you know that Cleopatra painted her luscious lips with henna and carmine? So did the legendary beauties of best 3d silk fur lashes. Now, it is your turn to make a mark. Before we proceed with the benefits of henna lipsticks, consider this:-

  • Research conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics revealed that chemical-based lipsticks contain lead much beyond the permissible limit. It can lead to irreparable damages in the nervous system. Also, it may result in blood and brain disorders. Long-term intake of lead may even trigger cancer.
  • Chemical lipsticks also contain traces of butyl benzyl phthalate or BBP. This chemical can arrest the growth of breast tissues.
  • Traces of heavy metals, such as copper, chromium, cobalt and arsenic, have also been found in chemical-based lipsticks.

The above are only some of the chemicals present in cosmetics, and the side effects thereof. Thus, to protect yourself from harmful chemicals, use herbal henna lipstick and henna best 3d silk fur lashes. Henna-based lipsticks like Henna Lips are not only kind on your lips, but also on animals. This is because none of the henna makeup requires testing on animals. Hence, the next time you wear a henna lipstick, do not feel guilty for torturing an innocent animal.

Henna Lipstick: Benefits

Upgrade your collection to a henna lipstick for 100% freedom from chemicals and benefits, which include:

  • Excellent variety of rich best 3d silk fur lashes, suitable for all occasions.
  • Freedom from sticky lipstick coat, due to its enriched water base.
  • Benefits of pure henna extracts.
  • Double functionality as a lipstick and lip liner.
  • Moisturised lips due to the presence of wheat protein.
  • Smudge-proof colour that stays for longer.
  • Cool and refreshing, due to peppermint and other ingredients.
  • No chipping.
  • Shiny, creamy and luscious lips due to its natural oils.
  • Smooth application.
best 3d silk fur lashes
best 3d silk fur lashes

Henna best 3d silk fur lashes like Henna Lips can be used as a lip liner to outline the lips, before applying it as a regular lipstick. The tingling sensation that you might feel is because of the peppermint extract. Henna lipstick comes right from the lap of nature. Hence, these contain natural ingredients that enhance your beauty, gently and effectively.

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